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Box the tour of Europe

The box contains:

  • 5 miniature bottles of 2 cl (2 sips) of the following wines:
    or 5 miniature bottles of 4 cl with the Box Duo
    • San Giusto a Rentennano Le Baroncole 2015 (Italy): 94,8/100
    • Lopez de Heredia: Vina Tondonia 2008 (Spain): 95,2/100
    • Chateau Sociando-Mallet 2016 (Bordeaux): 93,8/100
    • Chateau Coutet 2015 (Sauternes): 95,2/100
    • Quinta do Crasto Touriga National 2016 (Portugal): 94,7/100

The miniature bottles are to be stored in the refrigerator in their vacuum packaging and must be consumed within 48 to 72 hours of receipt (they are shipped according to the date chosen for the webinar).

* Wine ratings are the average of all ratings from major world critics.

  • 1 tasting glass 12 cl
    or 2 glasses with the Box Duo
  • Participation in a 45-minute webinar held in French on one of the proposed dates(Calendar and webinar registration available in the BOX / webinar registration menu)
  • 1 voucher of € 32.5 to be used towards the purchase of a bottle of your choice.


Discover our wine-growing Europe; travel from country to country, from grape variety to grape variety and from one aromatic profile to another: enter the world of grands crus. Let yourself be seduced by aromas unknown in the wines we know, wines whose aromatic complexity will delight your olfactory and gustatory senses.
All the wines were selected because they had the unanimous praise of all the great world critics with scores between 92 and 97! In addition, we have chosen wines whose price is at the bottom of the range for wines of this level of quality.
During the webinar, you will learn the basics of tasting and improve your knowledge of grape varieties and winemaking, allowing you to better understand the wines, refine your palate and then be able to choose your bottle.   



The mignonettes are to be kept in the refrigerator in their vacuum packaging and consumed within 48 to 72 hours following their reception.
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