How to taste a wine? Episode 3/3

3. The mouth

As indicated in the preamble, the flavors that you will discover in the wine are only the aromas that you have perceived by smell. To perceive them in the mouth, it can be useful to inhale a bit of air so that it takes care of the aromas released by the wine present in your mouth and that these go up to your nose and the olfactory neurons, magnifying thus the flavors.

The other tastes you are going to look for are as follows:

  • Sweetness

    This is the amount of residual sugar present in the wine after vinification: is the wine dry, not quite dry, medium or sweet?

  • Acidity

    Is it low, medium or high?

  • Tannins

    They are astringent (gums) and bitter (back of the tongue). Ripe and melted tannins strengthen the body of the wine. Are they weak, medium or powerful?

  • The body

    It is the richness, the viscosity of the wine. The more tannins, alcohol, sugar and aromatic compounds there are, the more body the wine has.
    Is the wine light, medium or full bodied?

  • The final

    How many seconds do you perceive the aromas after you have swallowed the last sip? Less than 5 seconds: the final is short; from 5 to 15 seconds, it is average; more than 15 seconds, it is long. And if it reaches one minute, you are in front of an exceptional wine.

For a red wine, high acidity, tannins and length on the palate are indicators of a wine to keep. 
The overall balance of the wine and the length of its finish characterize the quality of the wine.


A good wine is a wine that is balanced, with intense aromas, great aromatic complexity and great length in the mouth. A wine can be objectively good but not please you (for example, you don't like tannic and full-bodied wines). The important thing is to know how to recognize the quality of a wine and to choose the ones you like.

Good tasting !

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degustation vin wset2

degustation vin wset2


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